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Good Morning!

We have the most beautiful sunrises (& sunsets for that matter!) on the farm. I wish I had a good camera to capture them all! I could do a daily blog just posting the pictures of the days sunrise and set!

Anyways, here is this mornings sunrise, courtesy of my cell camera. This is the second or so morning this season that we woke up to a complete frost over everything. Although it means the snow is right around the corner, it looked beautiful. The picture doesn't even do it justice!

On another note, I am pleased to announce the our first apple picking season has officially ended! We still have apples & quince for sale, but the picking is D.O.N.E!

We have learned SO much this past season and although we are well ready for a long rest, we're also anxious to get started on next season, putting to use some of the knowledge and things we have taken away from this year. And I suspect we won't be resting long; pruning starts right after the first of the year!


Ahhh, the Morning Sunrise on a Farm!

It is mornings like this one that remind me how lucky I am to live on a farm!

We all know there are some mornings when you envy those who can sleep in and rise with the sun....or later! But waking up before dawn, stepping outside and letting that brisk, fall air touch your face, and catching a whiff of fresh hay makes these early mornings all worth it!

If your me, that 'whiff' includes also the smell of horses! My favorite! A scent I would bottle if I could. I am greeted by the hungry, anxious nickers of my horses and the obnoxious call of our miniature mule! It puts a smile on my face.

As I walk through to throw everyone their morning flakes of hay, I then catch a whiff of the ripening apples in the orchard! Ahhhhhh

I have the barn cats following me, hastily awaiting their breakfast, as if the mouse that was laying at the back door wasn't filling enough for them! [I constantly remind them to clean up after themselves and their midnight delights!]

By now, the sun is begining to rise and it is absolutely beautiful! It looks like cotton candy in the sky! If I was talented enough to take photographs of the skyline, I would post a daily blog simply on the sunrises we see at the farm!

As I finish up morning feed, I feel so bleesed to have the opportunity of caring for these animals. For having them be part of our family. And for all the pears I will be baking into butter tonight!

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