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Officially Winter

There is one sure way I mark that Winter has arrived here on the farm - FROZEN WATER BUCKETS. And that my friends, was official for the 2009-10 Winter Season as of this morning. *sigh*
Oh how I am really not prepared for this yet! I had no ice scooper to break up the ice and scoop the chunks out of the water. So naturally, I used my hand, which lasted a good 15 seconds before I had to stick it back in my pocket for fear my fingers might fall off. And I had 4 buckets to tend too.
The water pump we used last year is not working right now (what a surprise)! So I have been using a hose hooked up to a house spicket. Well, hoses don't work all to well when they are frozen. So now, I have to carry a massive bucket to the house, fill it, waddle to the barn with it, dump in someones bucket, and repeat then 3 more times!
Ahhh yes, Winter, I've missed you so!  The least you can do, if you have to be here, is drop some snow on the ground so the horses can go roll around in it!

In The Dark, We Find Light!

Here in Northeast Ohio, Winter is creeping in faster than most of us would like. Usually I welcome the brisk October air, however, ours this year is damp and rainy.

Apples aren't getting picked as fast as they should, horses are getting outside as much as they'd like and we are buring through our woodpile faster than we should be for October! Oh the joys of Mother Nature!

Rumor has it we'll be having Indian Summer next week....I know we are all longing for it!

It is hard to stay motivated when the long summer days turn into long winter nights.

Our Pears are all but long gone for the season :( ........But our Quince are almost ripe; I am looking forwarding to trying my hand at Quince Marmalade and Quince Wine.

As always, Apples are still in full swing. I am looking forward to next harvest already as I have learned so much this first year and look forward to moving my knowledge forward and marketing our produce even better next year.

There is no doubt we'll have leftovers from this season!

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