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Chicken Mutiny

It's been a rough week, but we'll bounce back, we always do.  Last week I fractured my foot and have been hobbling around on crutches.  That same night, I developed a sore throat (see? that's what I get for going to the doctor, more germs!) and ended up sick and fevering for the past week.  It's very unlike me, I have a healthy diet and lifestyle, but whatever this virus is going around, it's vicious and hangs on.

My husband, who normally only helps with farm chores when I ask him to (he has a fancy day job), graciously stepped up to help so that I could rest and recover.  Chickens are very sensitive to changes in routine and our chickens took this as their opportunity to make mischief.  The brats actually hazed my husband!  He caught several chickens nibbling on eggs, a definite no-no, something they don't do when I'm around.  Then they slacked off in their laying.  I wouldn't have minded, except I know how approximately how many eggs I get daily.  They've acted very spoiled while I've been sick.

This morning my fever was finally down (I'm buying a big batch of elderberries and making elderberry syrup for us all to take daily during winter) and I hobbled out to the coop.  When I opened the coop door, the chickens ran out and came to a screeching halt when they saw me.  Seriously, they were acting guilty!  Normally they crowd around me cooing happily.  Everyone avoided me, suddenly found the woods and digging holes very interesting.  No wonder--when I went into the coop, they'd kicked the baby chicks out of their brooder box and laid a big pile of eggs there.  Mama's back in charge and everyone will behave from now on, got it, ladies?

Hobbled by Honey

I've been hobbled by honey!

Last week I was making the kids breakfast, peanut butter toast on fresh made bread.  I felt ahead of the game that morning, got up, showered, started lunches and farm chores before their wake up time.  I'd made a loaf of fresh bread earlier (have I mentioned how much I love my bread machine's programmable timer?), it was cooled and sliced.  The boys asked for toast with peanut butter and honey.  The toaster dinged, I spread the peanut butter and opened a fresh jar of our honey in my favorite thick glass jar.  I overdid the knife, ended up knocking the jar off the counter and down onto my bare foot.  My first thought was, "Owwww, that's painful!"  My second thought was, "Oh no! The honey is oozing onto the floor, save the honey!"  It was a rough year for the bees with the drought, so there wasn't as much honey to harvest, each drop is precious.

I scooped up honey jar, quit hollering so as not to scare the kids, reassured the kids I was okay, grabbed the arnica (to reduce swelling and bruising, an excellent homeopathic remedy), popped four tabs, and threw an ice pack on.  I waited for the pain to didn't.  Got the kids off to school, went straight to chiropractor, who x-rayed and confirmed I'd fractured the third metatarsal.  Argh!  Now I'm in a boot and crutches for the next few weeks, THIS should make farm chores fun! 

One customer joked that I spend my time educating people about the healthful benefits of honey, but I don't talk about the dangers of dropping the big jar on a foot, good point!

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