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Onions are for People

Our first Blog post!  We happen to grow PA Simply Sweet Onions, among many other vegetables for our CSA program.  We have been doing this for several years and have always had critter problems on the farm.  First we installed a deer fence after in one night the deer ate 600 feet of beets.  We used live traps after the groundhogs found our lettuce crop.  The turkeys poked holes into the oriental eggplant fruits.  The raccoons climbed the cherry tree to help themselves to the fruits.  We thought one year that the birds were helping us The birds were flocked all over the corn.  Not helping.  They were opening the tips and eating the kernels, making it unsellable.

Anyway, so far, the onions have been left entirely and they just grow without any attacks from the critters.  Thousands of onions and no animal likes them!  Here's hoping that mentioning this does not bring on a smart animal who will find how delicious Simply Sweet onions are!

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