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Mission Impossible

'It must be harvest time ...... It has to be harvest time Dad ? Both of my two youngest daughters asked tonight as we all waded through the muddy field which our ravenous market  pigs had busily turned over for us during today's rain. They were fed up with the work and the noise and the mud. The fact that they were promised a sleep over with buddies might have had some influence in their haste to skip the 'evening feeding'. Its quite amazing the way work that normally takes one and a half hours can be wrapped up in 40 minutes or less if there are better things scheduled later on.  Last night when they had loads of school homework to be finished before bed both 'ladies' decided that they wanted to help me feed the baby pigs. So while they watched me feeding the pen which houses "Becky and Grumpy" (2 of our recently farrowed Berkshire sows ) and their sixteen 3 week old Berkshire piglets. Erin and Tara decided  to climb over the fence to try and count the teats on any of the young gilts which stood still long enough for them to complete the task.

My two farm assistants had decided to pressure me to keep all the 14 teated or 16 teated gilts as future Brambly Farms breeding sows. A much happier and longer life as a breeder here on our little green jewel. Ideally if we had enough room we would keep more but .............. If anyone reading this familiar with baby pigs already knows ....... that it is an impossible task to count a pen of pigs never mind the nipples on a baby piglets belly.  And as soon the piglets started to run and  the two ladies who were counting decided to run after the piglets well, pure chaos. There was a small carpet of black and white tails and heads sprinting in circles around the pen chased by a laughing 9 and 10 year old ladies.

  "Farm work"  was more fun than everything else last night !!! 

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