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Turkey pick ups and many thanks

The Turkey Pick- Up Schedule
We are having turkey pick ups at Brambly farms on
Monday ......... 4-7pm
Wed ...............10- 4pm
We are lucky enough to have partnered with several fantastic local Farmers &  Chefs who are helping us
with our turkey sales. They have been gracious enough to email their customers to inform them about
us and our birds and they have even encouraged us to have turkey distributions at their farms and are serving our meat in their businesses.
To all of these farmers   &  some fantastic Chef's --Sandra and I would like to thank you for your help --
Thank you  very much,
Laura @ Tangerini's
Meryl @ Powisset
Judy  @ Brookwood
Christine @ Moosehill
Jessie @ Silverwood
Greg @ Drumlin
Joshua @ The Dover Farm
Alida @ Langwater
Terry @ Oake Knoll
&  Especially   Chris and Christy @ White Barn 
And the following  fantastic chefs
Diane at The Journeyman
Nemo at Cook and Brown
Matt & Ben at Farmstead
Dave at local 121
Jake at Tallulah's on Thames
& Especially Matt & George at Tastings
And  thank you to all the Chef's Collaborative  Boston Staff --
we are very grateful for everything you have done to help us out  and keep us afloat  :)
We have also discovered that there not enough hours in the day and we are only able to hold several other
Turkey pick ups during this hectic holiday time and these are listed below.
Moosehill CSA members.... Sunday 4.30 -- 6.30 pm
Silverwood CSA Members Monday  starts at 12.30
Tangerinis CSA Members Tuesday  2.30 -- 4.30 pm
Drumlin CSA members    Tuesday  4.30 -  6.30 pm
Brookwood  CSA members  Tuesday 4.30 -- 6.30 pm
Langwater CSA members  Wednesday 10.30 - 12 pm
White Barn  CSA Members Wednesday  starts at 2pm
If possible please let us know a day or two in advance --- by phone or email which time or location will work best for your turkey pick up and we will have your birds ready for you. 
 And lastly we would like to thank you -- .our many fantastic customers for supporting us and our farm. Thank you and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinners and a safe holiday.
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