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Lavender - So Lovely - So Useful

Wall Flower Studio's Lavender Sachets contain100% organically                grown lavender flowers. The lovely sachets are packed in a 3" x 4" organza drawstring bag. Great for your linen/woolen's closet, lingerie and sweater drawers, on bed pillows, anywhere you want the lingering fragrance of calming, relaxing lavender.

Wall Flower Studio's Cotton/muslin bags can be tossed in the bath for you, and then added to the dryer where they'll lightly scent your clothes. And, the best part is that they can be re-used many times!                                  Lavender has been used for centuries because of its soothing, relaxing properties. It has many practical uses today that are just as effective as those described in history and folklore and is the most versatile of essential oils.  Its many benefits include:                                                                                For the mind...
Nurturing and calming & Soothing
Settles irritability, gentle sedating, restores mind and body to so healing can take place
For skin care.....
Soothing irritations
For the body.....
Activates the immune system
Good for first aid and as an insect repellent

Lavender's magical influences are: Health, Love, Celibacy, Peace, and a conscious mind.It is great to use when you are depressed or angry.
Lavender sachets are also GREAT to use as a Wedding Favors.or tossing the flowers instead of rice. Wall Flower Studio's Lavender is:
- 100% Chemical-Free- Very fragrant & apretty color!-
I am positive you will love this Lavender!
Happy Gardening : )
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