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CSA Finalized

I have finally put to paper the CSA offering for the year.  Since I specialize in heirlooms and they seem to get lost in the presentation by other vendors at farmers' markets I made the decision to venture into the world of CSA's.  Since there is no right or wrong way to establish a CSA I have melded what I hope to be acceptable for the Louisville market. 

The following will explain the differences among open-pollinated, heirloom and hybird seed varieties:

What are Open-pollinated, Heirloom and Hybrid Varieties?

An open-pollinated (OP) variety is one that breeds true from seed, meaning the seed saved from the parent plant will grow offspring with the same characteristics.  OP seed is produced by allowing a natural flow of pollen between different plants of the same variety.

Heirloom varieites are OP varieties with a long history of being cultivated and saved within a family or group.  They have evloved by natural or human selection over time.

A hybrid variety, on the otehr hand, does not breed true from seed; hybrid seed is produced by crossing two different parent varieties of the same species.  Hybrids do not remain true in generations after the initial cross and cannot be saved from generation to generation unchanged.

SOURCE:  Seed Savers Exchange 2012 Catalog

I eat what I grow and have become very attached to the heirloom varieties I grow since they have such varied and interesting history and exceptional flavors. 

This year we are expanding our sweet potato selection to include heirlooms; however, quantities of slips are very limited so this is going to be a trial grow out and see what has the best flavor and most adaptable to our growing conditions.  I am really looking forward to this trial.

BTW the storms that passed through our area on Friday, March 2 did very minimal damage of which I am very thankful.  We only lost one low tunnel.






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