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I Look Normal

It's official, I have recovered from my March run in with Poison Ivy.  I certainly don't want to go through that again.  My face has finally stopped tingling and has returned to normal; however, I have many wrinkles where there used to be none.  Also have significant sagging over my eyes with loose skin.  I really should have gotten myself medical attention a lot sooner but I just kept hoping it would get better but instead it just kept getting worse.  Lesson learned!

Since summer arrived ahead of spring and winter never really showed up the invasive plant species on the property are at war against me and winning.  Garlic mustard is the biggest threat at the moment.  The 2 1/2 acres of woodland are just covered with it.  I have been hand pulling specific areas closest to the edge and working my way back in.  I am generating about 10 lbs a week of garlic mustard and that is after I have let it dry before bagging and disposal.  I do compost; however, we are dealing with an invasive and the only choice is to bag it and get it off the property or it will just continue to spread.  I have many other invasives to deal with but many can't be treated until fall. 

Planting is in full swing.  The potatoes are up and look great.  Onions are doing really well especially when kept free of weeds.  Garlic is coming along nicely.  Corn is in process.  Tomatoes got in on Sunday.  Still lots to plant but to much to juggle at this moment.  Still have a hundred orange coneflowers to get in pots along with tall coreopsis and many more perennial native plants. 


Poison Ivy

Last Saturday we started clean up in our foundation plantings around the house just before the storms came.  I knew better than to start this with weather looming but lent a hand.  What a mistake!! I inadvertently got a hold of poison ivy unbeknownst to me and proceeded to affect my entire face and upper body.  It all started on my chin.  It just felt really bumpy and funny so naturally I had to play with it and there is the point of this learned lesson.  Wash up the minute you come in from any outside activities.

My face proceeded to swell from Sunday to finally when I went to the Doctor on Wednesday I was so swollen that my right eye was nearly shut so my husband has had to drive me.  Since I look so horrible I have not gone out in public since people are known to come up to you and ask what happened.  This is not my first encounter with poison ivy but it is the worst.  I received a steroid shot on Wednesday and am on a 12 day course of oral steroids and I can report today that I can see much better with both eyes and the swelling is slowly coming down.  So much so that I am venturing out into the world today.

Oh, I still itch like crazy and am applying topical lotions to help with that but what a lesson learned.  We went form winter into June weather here so literally everything needs to be done at once, bed clean up, meadow management, digging, dividing, potting for the nursery, direct seeding of flowers and herbs, potato and onion planting etc.  This just didn't help since my face was so full of fluid I couldn't do much outdoor work the past couple of days and now the storms have come again which puts me that much farther behind. 

Be careful out there!!

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