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Boulder Belt Farm Share Initiative, Week 13

I's crunch time here. we have a flood of raspberries (and a great special on them if you are inclined to make jam out of them-10 boxes for $30) that must be harvested every day to the tune of 50 to 60 boxes a day. on top of that the first of the beans are harvestable (and excellent), the garlic decided to ripen early, and lots of other things are either just about ready to harvest or we have just started (and this is reflected in your shares). on top of it all we are getting chickens tomorrow for our winter meat stash. i think we have lost most of our sanity.

The good news is we have help twice a week until the end of July, though, if any of you have a hankering to pull weeds, pick raspberries or help us with any other necessary tasks (and with diversified farming there are always about a 100 things to do) feel free to come out and help. Doing a few hours of farm work is always an eye opener for non farmers and will get you closer to your food. And it is fun.

Because of this the newsletter this week will be short and sweet and missing a recipe

So here is what we expect to have in the shares this week

Garlic-this if fresh so the skins around each clove may not have colored up and looks like it is not there, it is. Expect 3 corms.
Strawberries-1 pint of berries this week
Raspberries-you get 3 half pints this week
Kale-a big bag of mixed kale. the varieties are winterbor (very curly) White Russian (flat scalloped leaves) and Dinosaur (dark green leaves)
Snow peas-this will be the last we see of these
Beans-A mix of green and wax beans, probably over a pound
cabbage-either 1 big head or 2 small heads.
Zucchini-mainly patty pans and big green zukes. I envision 6 or more per share
Cucumbers-these are supposedly a type with bitter free skins. I find the skins bitter, personally so I suggest they be peeled before use. You get 3 cukes in your share
Arugula-the wonderful spicy salad green
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