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Boulder Belt Farm Share Inititiative vol 2 issue 7 (week 7)





Good Morning,

It's FSI day again (unless you are picking up later in the week, than the day you pick up your shares will be FSI day for you) and I have a lot of harvesting to do today for you guys and the store which is pretty much out of stock. We have a subtle shift is seasons going on. Because it has gotten hot all the lettuce has decided to get bitter and bolt (meaning it is making flowers and seed and not edible). The spinach is about 14 hours from doing the same thing (though it does not get bitter it just turns into stem and few leaves). So I need to get out and do some harvesting sooner than later this morning as the greens need to come in before the heat hits which is around 9 am. And all the other crops do much better if harvested when it is cool rather than when it is hot and sunny. The gist of this is for the first time you will not see head lettuce in your shares (and while I am listing baby lettuce  for this week that, too may be too bitter to use as well). Also we are beginning to see the first of the early summer things like turnips. In the next few weeks you will get peas of all kinds, zucchinis, Armenian cucumbers (These are suppose to be the long skinny cukes they shrink wrap and sell for $4 each), broccoli, red raspberries, haricot verts and regular green beans (I believe these will be ready next week as I already see beans on the plants), red beets (we also grow chioggia and golden) and onions.

I am pretty excited because we are eating the same stuff you are getting in your shares and frankly I am getting pretty bored with asparagus themed meals. I think we have eaten a pound of asparagus a day for the past 5 or so weeks. If it is true that asparagus is a cleansing food than we ought to as clean as a whistle by now. There are good aspects to having too much asparagus 1) we are making decent money selling it b) I have enough to do some great recipe experimentation and have come up with several good ones. iii) I have had more than enough to put up for winter by both freezing and fermenting (pickling with no vinegar-this is supposed to make the healthiest food we can eat. Last Friday I started 5 pounds of asparagus fermenting and as of last night it got quite lively. In another 2 to 8 weeks it ought to be all done and than I will put it into jars and start another batch of something. I don't really have any idea what I am doing with this but I have a book! Wild fermentation by Sandor Katz, a man with AIDS who claims fermented foods have kept him alive and healthy for the past 25 years he has been living with HIV/AIDS. Now, I am not a complete stranger to fermenting foods as I make my own bread and Eugene makes beer and wine. I guess this is the next step. And you too, can do this sort of thing if you get too much of something in  your share and you don't want to throw it out/compost it (which okay to do, never feel guilty about not being able to use everything in a share as there will be times when for one reason or another will happen).

Okay I will make this short because I must get out and start harvesting

No recipe this week

What's in the share

Asparagus-expect 2 to 3 pounds this week as we have a lot harvested and a lot more coming in all the time
Red Turnips with greens-these are salad turnips and can be eaten raw or you can boil them and mash them, use in soups and stews, etc..
Baby lettuce - If I find this is bitter I will not include it in your share.

Kale-a pound of rainbow and white russian kale
Basil-there should be more than enough for everyone to get a nice sized bag, perhaps enough for a nice batch of pesto
Parsley-Italian flat leaf parsley, one of my favorite herbs ever
Garlic scapes-These are the long skinny things that some people think look like green beans. these are wonderful roasted-350 oven put the scapes into a pan that can be covered, drizzle some oil over top and salt to taste. Cover and put in the over for 20 to 30 minutes. these will taste like roasted garlic and they look really weird.
Red Giant Mustard-this is sweet and hot like chinese mustard (I suspect the seeds re used for just this purpose). This is good in a stir fry or steamed
Garlic chives

The shares will be ready after 4pm today and will be in the fridge as usual. I suspect like past weeks each share will be two bags. I am pretty surprised that we have so much food so early, usually April and May are pretty thin on food selection and amounts but we have had a good growing season thus far.

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