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Boulder Belt Farm Share Inititiative vol 2 issue 10 (week 10)



It's week 10 of the FSI (in case you wonder why we are an FSI and NOT a CSA. This is because around here CSA stands for Confederate States of America, not Community Supported Agriculture).

It's been wet, too wet. Yes farms can and do get too much rain. We are getting, on average, 1/2 inch a day is way too much, ideally we get 1 inch a week. So what is too much rain doing to the farm? We have are beds with standing water, weeds that are growing huge and cannot be hoed out because the ground is way too wet. Nor can they be easily pulled without taking too much soil with them and they don't die after being pulled, even if we remove them and put them in a compost pile. We have crops dying because the water will not drain and the roots are rotting. It's not good. The good news is not all is lost, by any means. Despite the wet conditions, we still have a lot of food growing that is still growing well. Things like squashes and melons love all this water, it causes them to grow quickly. The onions also seem to love these conditions. As do eggplant. I know tomatoes and peppers do not like such wetness but so far they seem to be doing well and if it dries up as is predicted, they will do okay.

And being so wet means there are a lot of things we cannot do like mow the tall grass around the beds, work the soil, do anything other than plant seed by hand (not an issue if you are planting say, 10 seeds. but a big issue when you are planting hundreds or thousands of  seeds.) The good news here is we were able to get everything we wanted in the ground by now except the popcorn and we still have another couple of weeks before it gets too late for that. And, as I mentioned, even hand pulling of weeds is an issue (but won't be if we can get just 36 hours with no rain and a bit of sun). So we have been getting frustrated at not being able to do much more than harvest what is ready to come in and tie tomato plants. But that is farming, you are at the mercy of the weather and there is not much you can do about it except wait for it to change.

Now for some better farm news. the raspberries are beginning to come in. I doubt I will have enough for this week but by next week you certainly will be getting some in your share. the tiller was fixed for under $5. The problem was either a very old and dirty air filter or bad gas in the engine (or both). Eugene dealt with both and now the machine works again.

It is mid month and there are several of you who are not full season members from whom I need to know by this week if you will be continuing into July.

The shares will be ready after 4pm this afternoon


Salad Nicoise with cucumber
I made this for lunch using up leftover green beans

1/2 pound cook green beans, chilled
1 cucumber sliced
1 small to medium sweet onion, thinly sliced
feta cheese crumbled
basil and parsley leaves
A nice vinaigrette

In a salad bowl mix everything together, add the dressing and toss. this is best if it can sit an hour or two in the fridge but is also very very good eaten ASAP. takes about 4 minutes to prepare

What's in the Share

Zucchini-around 3 pounds of a mix of zephyr (long yellow and green), sunburst patty pan (round and yellow) and a Costata Romanesque (long green striped). this zucchini has been sublime, the best we have grown in years
Cucumbers-you will get at least 2 armenian cucumbers.
Black Valentine beans-around a pound of beans.
Sugar Snap peas-you will get a pound. These are better than last week
Shelling Peas-you will get around 1/2 pound. The classic peas that you take out of the pod. lots of work but well worth it.
Snow peas-the first of the snow peas for the year. You will get 1/2 pound
Basil-the basil is finally doing well and thus you will get a fairly big bag. it is dirty and it does not do well in storage if washed (it tends to turn black and slimy) so I leave the washing to you. Wash and dry well right before using.
Parsley-a nice big bunch of Italian parsley. like the basil this will need to be washed before use
Beets-a bunch of  beautiful red beets with greens (which are edible and tasty, prepare like spinach)
Kale-you get 1/2 pound of either White Russian or rainbow kale
Garlic scapes-1/2 pound bag of scapes
Garlic-2 cloves of freshly dug garlic. This is used the same as cured garlic but it will appear that there are not skins on the cloves. There are but they are white not the purple or tan they will become later on if allowed to dry. If you leave a corm on the counter for 5+ days the skins will begin to get color. Fresh garlic is the best garlic of all and something you will never find at a store and it's around for just a few short weeks at farmers markets and CSA's

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