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Boulder Belt Farm Share week 8

We are at the 2 month point for those of you who joined up at the beginning-yep this is week 8 (week four for the folks who joined this month). Another 23 weeks or so of this adventure in food  left.

Had the potluck this past Sunday. 12 people came to it and we all had a great time wandering through the market garden, eating great food, drinking wonderful cider and a variety of home brewed beer. learning about herbed vinegars and getting to know one another. The Platt's son, Duncan, and his friend, Eric, had a great time playing with the dogs and collecting bugs (mainly asparagus beetle grubs). I find such gatherings to be a very important part of any CSA/Farm Share experience. You, the members,  get to see your food growing as well as a chance to ask us farmer questions (and we got a lot of really good ones too). This is a profound step in learning about what you eat and getting back your food sovereignty. And it is good to meet the other members as well. I find we have a very interesting and fun group of people in our Farm Share

The next pot luck will be June 21, the summer solstice. I am thinking having a cookout by the pond where we have a fire pit, along with a farm tour.

We have another week where I think the shares are a bit lean, but this should change in a week or two as we do have broccoli, shelling peas, garlic scapes and a few other items poised to be harvested soon (but not this week). Warning; you will get a lot of asparagus and lettuce this week as this is what we have a lot of.

No recipe this week, sorry

What's in the Share This Week

Lettuce-3/4 to 1 pound of a mix of lettuces
Asparagus-2 pounds of green and purple asparagus. In the past week the asparagus has decided to start really producing so you will see greater amounts in your shares. Why, there is so much that I was able to freeze 10 pounds on Monday (last year I was able to put up about 3 pounds)
Cilantro-A nice sized baggie of cilantro
Basil-a small amount as this is the first harvest, there will be more, a lot more as the season goes on.
Tarragon-in every CSA there are a few crops of which the members may think they get way to much. I believe Tarragon is slipping into that category. You see, we have a thriving large hedge of it that needs to be used. I am starting to cut it for drying (started the first 2 pounds yesterday) which may mitigate this problem.
Spring Mix-a half pound bag of spring mix
Radishes-I am not sure what kind we have this week, I think both the D'avignon and the easter egg types. I do know from using so split and damaged radishes last night that the quality is excellent
Zucchini-a 1/2 pound of baby Zephyr zukes. these are good raw in a salad or painted with olive oil and grilled whole. I doubt you will ever get too much of this, despite the legends of too much zucchini. In reality, we have several pests that are about impossible to control organically that attack zucchinis (and other squash and cucumbers) so we grow them out of season so we can get a good crop early knowing that all the other zuke crops we plant this summer will likely be killed soon after they begin to produce fruit so will not be able to over produce. All that said, we do every now and again have bumper crops of summer zucchini
Red turnip greens-we have to thin the turnips so they can grow to a decent size and not bolt to seed prematurely. these are a mild and kind of sweet turnip green
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