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Canning Classes: Beginner's Boot Camp in July!

Had a ball today with the Master’s crew, working on a plethora of delicious canning recipes: Sweet Pickled Pears, Chad’s Famous Bread and Butter Pickles, Dilly Beans, Italian Tomatoes, Jamaican Tomatoes, and (lastly) Creole Tomatoes. Whew! It was so very hard pulling myself back out to the cannery after dinner to finish loading the van for the West Chester Farmer’s Market tomorrow! Thanks everyone, especially dear Chad, for all your help checking levels, stirring pots, and giving me a hard time! 


So, what’s up for July? As most of you Boot Camp graduates know, I don’t teach in August, September, or October because of the big double-whammy: harvest season combined with fall show season. I get asked a LOT if I grow all the produce I “put up”. No way! I grow a few lovely tomatoes for soup and salsa, and I have a small orchard that sits atop a hill that seems to be a lightening rod for late frosts! But I really rely on local farmers to provide me with berries, zucchini, onions, apples, beets, and whatnot to produce our yummy jars of summer goodness.  Our little cannery consumed over 4,000 pounds of strawberries alone last year! No way can I plant, tend and harvest all of them while canning them too! (I know, I should get some cheese with that whine…)

So back to scheduling… I promised one more Boot Camp before August hits. I’m going to schedule that class for Sunday, July 15, 10 till 4. As always, a lovely buffet lunch is included. If you are traveling from afar and  need overnight accommodations, the Silver High Bed and Breakfast in Lebanon is my recommendation. Your hostess, Celeste, will serve you our jam for breakfast! Let me know if you want to stay there, and I will put you in touch with her.

Here are my thoughts on an interesting (and new) Masters Class. The students who came today are pretty psyched about a class on Tomato Jam and 5-Pepper Jelly. I’d like to round out that class with appetizer recipes. I’m thinking Wednesday, July 18, 6:30 till 8:30.

The other Master’s Classes that I will offer will be a repeat to accommodate the latest Boot Camp students. I’ll offer “Variations on Canning Tomatoes” on Wednesday, July 25 at 6:30.  In this class, we examine the fine line of acidity that tomatoes ride on, and delicious (and safe) recipes for enjoying these luscious Ohio fruits!Perfect class for canning a prolific tomato harvest!

Then I’ll also schedule “Canning Pickles” on Wednesday, August 1. In this pickling class, we’ll cover a little veggie and a little fruit pickling, both.  I hope to do the Pickled Pears again. I think they were the surprise hit of today’s class! And of course, we must make Bread and Butter Pickles – my favorite!

Hope to can with you soon!
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