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Newly Designed Canning Masters Classes

Fabulous line-up of new Master's Canning Classes (you must have taken our Canning Boot Camp to register for the Master's Classes). Master's Classes are $30, and run from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening on the posted dates. All materials are provided, and there is a class limit of 12 people, since this is hands-on training. We have plenty of Boot Camps this winter/spring to register for (see our previous post), so please consider taking our Boot Camp and then enjoy the camaraderie of our Master's Classes!

March 19th - Canning Beverages

You rarely use your quart jars, except for beans and soup, right? Learn to can beverages, and you'll suddenly be filling your quarts faster than jelly jars!

April 16th - Sugarless Spreads

Making jams into delicious sugarless spreads can be challenging, but   not if the right techniques are at your fingertips. We will make two sugarless spreads and then a dessert to match!

April 23rd - Canning Mustards and Catsup

Make spicy, rich mustards and sweet, homemade catsups - then can them!


Register for all THREE classes, and receive a gift certificate for another FREE Master's Class! (Gift Certificate is good for one year.) We'll be adding lots of Master's Classes to our schedule this summer that you will NOT want to miss: Tomatoes Three Ways; Pickling Fruits; Mouthwatering Pickles; and Homemade Relishes.


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