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A fresh marmalade morning...

What started as a lovely morning (70 degrees and a sunny blue sky), turned even brighter when I was presented with this golden clear marmalade.  Chad, a friend, has a penchant for making sensational and creative marmalades.  OK, I make a LOT of jams - thousands of jars a year - but I'm always delighted when Chad drops by with perfectly sliced and suspended citrus, showcasing both his artistic talent and his fabulous palate!  

I guess yesterday wasn't complete for Chad unless he tried a new grapefruit marmalade - shown here.  An exotic twist of sweet and bitter, this thick-cut spread left its flavor impression on my palate long after the first tasting!  

Later in the evening, I made a bedtime snack with the marmalade:  thin cucumber slices, a sprinkling of fresh feta cheese and finely diced spicy red onions, and a schmear of grapefruit marmalade - all snuggled in a soft flour tortilla!

Tomorrow Chad promises to create a new marmalade for the Country Living Magazine show in Columbus Ohio, September 16-18.  Although marketed as an incredible home decor show, this outdoor exhibition hosts a wonderful farmers' market, as well.  This will be our 4th year at the Country Living Fair, and it's one of my favorite farmers' markets of the year, as I have the opportunity to demo the versatility of our no-pectin jams to folks visiting from around the world!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tasting the new concoction of Chad's.  We had a lively discussion this morning regarding the new marmalade:  juicy sweet oranges with dried hot cayenne peppers.  I wanted to sneak a little ground cayenne in it, too, just to ensure that jumpy pepper flavor is represented well!  Pepper Orange Marmalade will pair well with farmer's cheese, pork chops, or as a glaze for ham slices! Pictures forthcoming!

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