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Canning Boot Camp memory

I love January, and canning in my warm Summer Kitchen, while gazing frequently at the white landscape and drifting snow outside.  Today, I heated up some locally-pressed apple cider to sip, and worked on canning Sweetheart Spread and Blackberry Jam.  The spread is a jam concocted with locally grown Ohio strawberries, orange juice, orange zest, Grand Marnier (definately a Valentine-y liquor!), and organic lemon juice.  Wow, the smell is so good! 

Worked on our new class list for February through May. It reminded me of a funny story. 

Last February, we got a boatload of snow one fine Friday, the night before a Canning Boot Camp.  I had to cancel the camp.  But trying to negotiate a new date for all the new students to agree on was quite difficult - we all live busy lives!  After 2 weeks of back-and-forth emails, I THOUGHT I found a date that worked for everyone in March.  But one April morning, Pete and I were luxuriating on our bed, planning our carefree morning with A) no farmer's markets  B) no canning classes, and  C) no basketball games or Scout meetings with our kids!  Suddenly - a knock on the back door - odd!  Pete ran downstairs while I hurriedly threw on clothes.  Apparently, there were three women standing outside, wondering if they had the right address for Canning Boot Camp!

Oh My Gosh! 

I waltzed out the back door, acting as if I was just running a tad behind.  (Thank goodness I'd just scoured the Summer Kitchen the night before!)  I put on a pot of coffee, printed the class notes, and thawed some strawberries, all the while chatting and meeting the students.  I ran into the restroom to tuck in my shirt, smooth my hair, and gargle FAST!  Pete, meanwhile, was racing to Kroger to pick up food and drinks for lunch!  (Boot Camp is about 6 hours, and I always serve a nice lunch and dessert!)

You just have to laugh about those mistakes in life.  One of those beginning canners is now an employee of mine - fantastic cook!  We still guffaw about that morning!

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I participated in the hands-on Beginner Canning class yesterday. What a nice day! Sonya's kitchen is beautifully appointed, the conversations were fun, the instruction was extremely informative, and the jams and jellies we got to taste were delicious! If you want to learn to can from an expert, Sonya is the best. I'm looking forward to the Master Canning classes!

Posted by Kim Loseff on February 06, 2011 at 10:31 AM EST #

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