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Canning Class - Welcome the New Canning Queens!

What a fabulous class yesterday!  Thanks to the lovely, intelligent, and articulate women who became newly crowned Canning Queens, and who shared their rich experiences with CSAs, canning, cooking, gardening-in-bikinis, and family lore!

We made a VERY thick Strawberry Jam (as I was lecturing a lot, and didn't know how thick it was getting!), and Glazed Carrots.  We decided at the last second to spike the carrots with a tiny bit of Grand Marnier (we were BAD), and the glaze smelled just heavenly.  I hope you all enjoy opening this jar at home on a special ocassion - like tonight!

This was a particulary fun class because it is sooo easy to teach inquisitive folks.  These ladies asked questions a mile a minute, and added to the class with their own interpretations and experiences.  What made me happiest was to see all hands up at the end of the class when I asked, "Who is planning on pressure canning this season NOW?"  Taking unbelievers and making converts is my reward!  Watch out, out local farmers - there are a newly released batch of canning queens who are going to fight for your fresh farm products!!

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