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Taking a break from canning!

On vacation in Gatlinburg, TN, without children!!!  Owning your own business, like our cannery, makes it difficult to schedules vacations (Pete owns a business, too, in which they design and manufacture industrial digital clocks).  But family is watching our children while Pete and I take the first vacation without kids since our honeymoon!  

 It is surreal, the Great Smokey Mountains.  I was mesmerized by their magic all day yesterday while we hiked in the national park.  Today we woke late (no kids' schedules to worry about!), worked out, and am now sitting near the balcony, sipping hot coffee (the only place we can get cell or wifi connection!) and watching snow fall.  Absolutely heavenly...  

It is very common for folks in privately owned agribusinesses to struggle planning "getaways."  I worked very late every night last week canning enough product for local shops to last till we got home.  There were some special orders for mother's day and Easter to consider.  For 2 months I planned the details of our absence.  

But the results were worth it!  15 minutes after leaving our home, we stopped at a fast-food joint.  As we got out of the car, Pete said, "Wow, I don't have to try to remember everyone's order!"  We  drove for hours without hearing, "Mom - Mom - Mom!" or stopping for potty breaks every 60 miles! 

Well, we're going out now - just the TWO of us - trying to remember what it was like (what it will be like someday be like) to be a couple again.   

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