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It's Salsa Season!

Our cannery smells great all the time: blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, pickling spices, peaches, etc.  But to my mind, nothing beats salsa season!

The other salsa vendors at our local farmers' markets use diced, canned tomatoes and pre-cut onions and peppers to create their fresh salsa mixes.

I'm very proud to say that we, on the other hand, have locally grown organic tomatoes (from Waynesville), and locally grown peppers, garlic.  Today's batch of salsa uses an organic heirloom tomato called Brandywine.  I'll add a hodge podge of peppers for flavor: green bell, jalapenos. Anaheims, and maybe a Scotch Bonnet or two for added heat.

I go for flavor, not heat.  The best tomatoes ever are always grown in your own garden, or a neighbor's.  So why not salsa made with local tomatoes?  When you open a jar in the middle of winter, it's like a blast of summer hitting your senses!

Come by the West Chester (Ohio) Farmer's Market this Saturday for a tasting and buy a jar! 

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