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Last Beginner's Canning Class was a Joy

Yesterday marked our last Beginner's Boot Camp for the year!  That's always both a relief and a somber time for me.  I've been canning and teaching hard since May, so I actually got to spend a few minutes sitting with my husband today - just sitting - no interruptions - just enjoyed one another's company.  A rare moment around this place!

But the end of the canning year is a time to reflect as well.  I looked at my records, and this year I taught over 120 people not just a cooking technique, but a tradition that they can safely pass on to future generations.  That is a feeling of success for me.  I NEVER knew this little canning itch of mine would impact so many others' lives... 

Yesterday, I had the priviledge of teaching a nutritionist (those folks really know good technique when they see it), a husband and wife team (trying to get back to the basics), a homesteader, and an experienced canner who yearned for more scientific background, plus a few more good folks.  It's a pleasure seeing through their eyes the first time they pour a good strawberry jam into a clean glass jar, filling the void with the rich red color.  And when we taste the jam poured over pound cake with whipped cream...  Mmmmm...

Thanks to all these delightful folks who participated in class, brought their canners in for testing, asked ALL good questions, and shared their own information about CSAs, u-pick farms, etc.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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