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Last Call for June Canning Classes!!

This Sunday, June 24th, we'll be hosting our last Canning Boot Camp of June. This 6-hour intensive investigation into the how-what-why of canning is essential for any new canner who wants to use safe, USDA-approved procedures! Although a lot of work, we have a lot of fun, too, and it's quite hands-on, so when you leave class you'll have a very good idea of what it takes to become a regular preserver.

Classes are taught in our ODA and FDA-approved commercial cannery by Sonya Staffan, a certified Master Preserver. Each student cans their own jam and carrots, and takes them home! A cold lunch buffet is provided. All students need to bring is an apron and their enthusiasm! Registration is required, since we accept only 10 students in one class.

Just finished the all day Beginner's Canning class and I walked away with a ton of information! Learned about water bath and pressure canning techniqes, equipment, safety tips and even non canning food preservation. Had a great lunch and met a great group of ladies. Overall a really fun and informative way to spend the day! I can't wait to sign up for some of the Master's Classes. At the end of the class we got to sample some of the different products she makes and they were all delicious. Well worth the time and money!  - Sheri Anderson, Feb. 5, 2011

Master's Classes wind down on Friday, June 22. (Note: you must first attend Canning Boot Camp before registering for Master's Classes.)  First, Tomatoes Three Ways is presented at 9:30 in the morning.  Perfect class for learning how to customize your tomato recipes and create a signature flavor all your own!  

At 1:30, we'll be teaching Canning Pickles. BONUS: although this class was initially intended as an introduction to basic pickles, we will also be working on a fruit pickle recipe, too. Don't miss this opportunity to make the best sweet pickles you've ever eaten (I simply can't eat store-bought anymore!).  

Each Master's Classes is $25, and includes all your materials. Register online at Looking forward to canning with you!

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