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Last week in the cannery... Ready to welcome the new year!

On the home stretch for holiday canning!  And we are wiping the sweat off our brows!

We start our holiday canning race in late May, when we receive our first batch of strawberries. The customers automatically start asking for all our strawberry-based jams: Christmas Jam, Winterberry Jam, Strawberry Syrup with Grand Marnier, Strazzberry Jam, 4th of July Jam, and, of course, Strawberry Jam. As soon as we quench those immediate needs, we start working on building the holiday inventory.

All summer and fall, we juggled the mountain of harvest canning with the surge of Christmas Jam orders.  So I can say that this last week or so of work is bittersweet.  The orders have slowed enough that we decided to quit work early today and do a little shopping, clean the house (haven't seen it much since August), and maybe grab a nap before the kids get home!

But whatever will I do in January?  Well, there are canning classes to teach, new recipes to create, and a cookbook to finally finish.  Can I do all that from the couch, I wonder?...  

 Thanks to all the great folks we've met through Local Harvest, the new customers we've been privileged to serve, and to our warm, caring wholesale accounts who prove everyday that small businesses that stick together will survive in the end...


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