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Love those apple gals!

Had a ball tonight teaching some of my favorite gals how to make Spiced Apples and then an Apple Strudel.  And what a beautiful fall evening!  Our kids just had a harvest party out here in the Summer Kitchen, so I left the orange and white mini lights hanging in the trees and across the porch.  Will, my 12-year old, replaced the white lights in the bathroom with black lights, hung "cobwebs" in the corners, and even attached a fake spider to the bathroom door so it goes up and down as the door opens and shuts!

We cooked plenty of apples, so after we each canned a jar, I showed the gals how to butter up a fresh apple strudel with the remaining apples we'd cooked.  Everyone found phyllo a challenge at first, but they got the technique pretty quickly.

I baked the first strudel for the class, and at the very end we used the rest of the phyllo to make an extra strudel for my very patient husband who, on nights I teach, finishes the supper dishes, helps kids with homework, and tucks everyone in with a prayer!  He is pretty happy, right now, sprawled on the couch in the living room, smelling fresh strudel!

I'm leavin' this mess to clean up until morning!  Lots of sticky pots and pans to clean- but, heck, when you make food with lots of love, there's always going to be a sticky mess!

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