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Name the New Jam and Win a Jar!

We have just finished designing a new jam for Valley Vineyards, here in Morrow, Ohio.  It's a Valentine's day-themed jam, but will be sold year round in their tasting room.  NAME the new jam and win a jar of it shipped to your home!

Here are the ingredients: locally grown Ohio strawberries (the fruit of Love), jalapenos, cumin, cayenne, and (drum roll, please) Pink Catawba wine - an Ohio heritage wine!  It's a sweet/spicy spread, just a little heat on the end of the taste.  Perfect for spreading over warm brie or glazing grilled chicken!

When you are coming up with a name, think hot, jazzy, sweet, Valentine's Day.  Think alliteration and fun.  To enter your name, log onto Facebook and search for VV's page, under Valley Vineyards Ohio.  You'll see the thread started yesterday.  Just slide your suggestion onto the bottom of the thread.  Don't respond here on my blog; by the time I see it, the contest will be over (today, Thursday, at 5:00 EST).

Have fun and good luck! 

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