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New Canning Class Schedule for July is Here!

A good week in the Florida sunshine was just what the doctor ordered!  I feel so refreshed and ready to get through this promising canning season now!

July is the last month of the summer that I teach canning.  When the bulk of the harvest arrives (Aug), I work 'round the clock!  Then in September, when the best apples and cider are arriving and I'm crying to have just one more peach to can, we participate in numerous Ohio festivals.

If you want a comprehensive canning class that focuses on food safety as it relates to USDA-approved water bath and pressure canning techniques, Beginner's Class is for you!  I'm offering one Beginner's Class: July 11, Sunday, noon till 6.  Maximum 10 students.  If this class looks to be filling quickly, I'll add another Sunday class later - probably on July 25. $75 per person. 

I'm also offering two Master's Classes in July.  On Tues., July 13 at 6:30 p.m. I'll teach Canning with Honey.  This is for folks interested in using honey instead of sugar to sweeten and preserve.  We'll dive into the food science of honey vs. sugar, and you'll can two recipes this evening.  $25 per person.

On Tues., July 27 at 6:30 p.m., I'll teach Expertly Canning Tomatoes.  We'll review food safety for tomatoes, then learn to can Fiesta Salsa and one other product I've not decided on yet.  I looove tomatoes!

Online registration, only, at!  Let's Can!

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