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New Year brings a Newly Inspired Jam!

We at the cannery usually take January off as we recover from months and months of harvest, fall festivals, and Christmas business.  But January is panning out a little different in 2012!  Already, we've been asked to stock empty shelves in our our little Southwestern Ohio shops, we opened our jams in a new shop (Basket Country in Maineville), and are planning new jams for our fans!

Last year we introduced Sweetheart Spread as an extra sweet-spicy jam to celebrate true love.  This year we've tweaked the spice level, making giving the illusion of a semi-hot cinnamon imperial candy, but with the fresh twist of juicy strawberries.  Here is are the ingredients that make up the flavor profile:

Strawberries: Besides being heart-shaped and red, this exquisitely sweet "fruit of love" was considered by the Romans as the fruit to offer the love goddess Venus.

Honey Bourbon: The Kentucky/Ohio border is famous for its fine bourbons. Being sweetened with honey, Honey Bourbon is smoother and sweeter than most whiskeys.

Cayenne: Whoa!  Cayenne and bourbon?  Oh, yes we can!  Besides being a time-honored cure for many maladies, cayenne is a natural blood thinner that strengthens the heart over time.  And what's true love without a heart?

Cinnamon: The intoxicating aroma of cinnamon has been immortalized in the religious documents of many faiths as it has been used throughout history as an offering, incense for alters, and even as a perfume for lover's beds.

Per our adherence to the principles of jam purists, Sweetheart Spread contains no citric acid (we use organic lemon juice) nor pectin (we cook it down the old-fashioned way that ensures the strongest fruit flavor and low sugar). 

In only a few days, our website will showcase a limited time special on Sweetheart Spread.  Take a peek and order some for your sweetheart!

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