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Thanks to our newly christened canning queens!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a fabulous group of ladies who wanted to learn canning from the ground up.  Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, and joy - you really kept me on my toes!

Especially Linda Oda, my dear friend from Springboro High School - you are an amazing woman - so inquisitive and sharp.  Because of you, I have a page of new ideas to teach!  Lynne - I think we're ALL going to go home and try your method of using fire tongs to pull jars from the water bath!  lol!!!

Elaine, we wish you well in the birth of your new baby.  I loved how the women immediately perked up at the news that you were expecting - we all had a piece of advice, whether or not you needed it!!!

Jessica and Jessica - look for our "Tomatoes Three Ways" Masters Class that will be on the website in a couple of days.  I've scheduled it for July 6th!

Jenny and Janet - could we HAVE any more "J's" in the class?  You were a riot!  I hope you enjoy your newfound skills.  

Everyone, I hope to see you in a few Masters Classes - you're all quite talented and resourceful!  It's not often that I get an entire class that is quite obviously intent on canning for many years to come...

Thank you, thank you, for the outstanding class.  I'm toasting you ALL with a little Limoncello right now as I'm canning Strawberry and Orange Jam! 

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