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The "Curds" Class

What an exciting class in the Summer Kitchen last night! I walked into the kitchen this morning and was blown away by the fresh smell of citrus!

Last night, I demonstrated how to make a simple Lemon Curd, and then got out of the way fast as the women took over!  As we took turns whisking the butter, eggs, sugar, and lemons into a smooth pudding-like spread over a double boiler, the rest of the team began attacking oranges and eggs.  For once, I just stood to the side and let it happen. 

We were short a few jars, so they decided to whip up one last batch of lemon-orange curd - my favorite!  Served the leftover lemon curd over pound cake, and swirled a little raspberry jam into the curd for a fun presentation.  Wow - what flavor profiles.

How to choose a good curd at the store?  Stay far away from lemon curd that looks tan.  It is usually canned with a lot of shelf-stabilizing additives.  You see, curd should be eaten fairly quickly.  Stabilizers affect the sharp citrus and buttery flavors, but it they are not added, I would advise eating a curd within 3 months after it is canned.  After that, the flavor diminishes.  Or come take a Master's Canning Class and we'll teach you how to make your own fresh curd.  Nothing beats it!

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