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We're finally connected to a local produce delivery!

Sweet - we just joined forces with the Cincinnati-based "Locally Harvested for You".  This is a year-round local resource for farm-fresh, in-season produce, meat, dairy, and cottage industry products grown and developed by conscientious small-scale farmers and producers right here in the Ohio Valley!

I'm impressed by the quality of products available on this fledgling site.  The operator, Stacy Egan, has built a nice list of local farmers, canners, bakers, etc., in a very short amount of time. 

The interesting part of Stacy's brainchild is that members place orders online, and then on a designated day of the week, they meet at a regular location in their vicinity to pick up their order.  No more running your car, throwing exhaust fumes for miles around several counties to find hydroponic lettuce, eggs, bacon, or jam!  How green is this idea?

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