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Meanderings: Surgery, canning class, and the West Chester Farmers Market...

Canning in big, heavy pots and carrying boxes and boxes of filled jars is not for the weak!  And certainly a strain for those of us who had foot surgery recently! 

You know, you go for years, thinking that your body is indestructible.  Really, my general doctor barely knows my name!  But 4 weeks ago a surgeon ripped apart my left foot.  I really thought no big deal, I'll be back in the saddle in a few days...  But he had other thoughts.  No lifting my kettles for at least a month (I'm cheating - I starting lifting a little after 3 weeks..)  And as soon as the left foot heals, he wants to get his nimble hands on my RIGHT foot!  Then no driving for a whole MONTH! 

The upside of this road bump is that I've had more time to work on the cookbook I've been trying to finish for years.  I networked to find the best deals (and some new ideas) on canning supplies for our retail area.  And I'm getting to learn a new accounting system that will help me keep track of costs, income, inventory, etc. 

VERY much looking forward to Saturday, the 12th, when I get to teach the first Boot Camp in a long while.  We've got four new canners in the class so far, and have room for six more, so anyone interested should sign up at

Leaving for the West Chester farmers market now.  It's so rainy and cold outside, but I'm looking forward to the warmth of good friends and a hot cup of coffee as we greet our die-hard customers!


Grab some delicious jam at our new West Chester location!

This has been simply the best wholesale year for our little cannery in the country!  We just added another retail location where you can find our jams!

La Crema Coffee Company ( in West Chester, Ohio, has the cutest retail shop in the front of the house, and the most fragrant coffee roasterie in the back.  What a hoot to get out of your car and have your nostrils instantly assailed by rich, roasting coffee!

La Crema's retail store is unbelievable.  Melissa Flohn, owner, is quite imaginative, and her products reflect her sassy attitude.  The gift shop is as glitzy and fun as Santa's workshop on steroids!  Stop by for a cup of her fresh brew and enjoy shopping for everything LOCAL: coffee, jam, artwork, infused dipping oils, bread and cake mixes, dip mixes, and lots of fun, colorful coffee accoutrements.

Thanks to all the local businesses who've been a stepping stone to our success this year: La Crema Coffee Company, Liberty Western, Brookville Inn, Valley Vineyards, Picture This, Heritage House, The Dayton International Airport, Bigg's grocery, Keeping It Country, Butcher Bill's, and The Workshops of David T. Smith!


West Chester Market, Christmas Jam, Canning Classes, and More!

Only a few more Saturdays at the West Chester Farmer's Market.  My, how fun it will be to sleep in past 5:30 on the weekend!!  But I'll miss the early morning cuppa joe from La Terza, watching the kids squirm in line for snow cones, and listening to the buzz of the crowd and farmers as they discuss the weather, crops, organics, and bees.

After the market ends, I'll still be attending Winter Market once a month up through Christmas.  You can pick up your Christmas Jam case orders during those markets if you wish.  Don't forget your customized Christmas Jam labels! 

Here's the deal: if you order a case of Christmas Jam (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries), we'll customize your labels free.  For example, you could write "Merry Christmas from the Smith Family" or "Season's Greetings from Acme Plumbing."  (The last one reminds me of Bugs Bunny - remember Acme products? lol) 

Christmas Jam is $6/jar, and there are six jars to a case, so a case is $72.  The jam is handmade in our cannery.  It is the perfect holiday gift to have on hand for the postman, paper boy, unexpected holiday guests, teacher, office mates, etc.  It's even more special to the recipient when your personal greeting is on it, too!

We have 1 more open position in our Beginner's Canning Class this Sunday from 12-6.  We'll be making strawberry jam and glazed carrots - yummy!  In the middle of class, during break, I'll make a quick trifle using some of the jam that the students just made.  Goes perfectly with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee!



Getting ready for The West Chester Blast

Going to the West Chester (Ohio) Blast this weekend as part of the Ohio Proud initiative.  But we'll still be at the West Chester Farmer's Market Sat. morning, too.  The Blast is full of great musicians, rides, food, etc.  The venue is wonderful - the base of the new clock tower.  I'll be giving a demo in the Ohio Proud Kitchen, showing how to make a semi-homemade trifle using our Blackberry Jam.  Doesn't get tastier than that!

We're bringing lot of fresh canned goods just made this week: Sonya's Salsa (spicy, not too hot!), Blackberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Apricot and Pineapple Conserve, Traffic Jam (perfect for cream cheese appetizers!), 4th of July Jam (a combination of blackberries, strawberries, and black raspberries), and Strawberry Lemonade (a drink concentrate).

Going to load the truck now and get down to the market.  Hope this heat wave doesn't last forever!

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