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We are growing and so are our seedlings. We have over a thousand bedding plants.

Oh the mud, its growing everywhere also. Thinking about bottling it and selling it on the net for mud facials. That or just moving into greenhouse until it dries up outside.

But it is wonderful too know spring is on the way. We are so excited to get growing and very happy too soon meet our customers to share our bounty and to also say hi to old friends our returnung customers, and meet the new ones since we were able to add more. That we will be happy to share our bounty and stories is always heartwarming.

Happy Spring everyone,

Carla and Bruce




Sick of Iowa Winter

In Iowa we just have too much snow. Could somebody pleaase make it go away.

We have seedlings sitting every where. 

The greenhouse is full and so is most of the windows in our house. We have over two thousand seedlings. But it will all be worth it. It is always a joy to work in the garden and get to meet woth our customers when the produce is ready. Like the animals in the forest we finally come out of hibernation and are ready to be civil again. Guess we clean up good.LOL.

Hope to hear from all of you out there and hope you are as excited for spring to come as we are. Carla and Bruce  


Building our farm is alot of work...but the work is joyful

We are in the process of building our high tunnel and oh the work .... yet it is so joyful we are building it together... what a wonderful way to spend our time together.  We are so excited about our gardens and hope to have lots of subscriptions so that we may have even more next year to help our work pay-off

Although in the mean time it is helping us to grow stronger together working and creating our farm as a couple. Look for pictures of our progress in the coming weeks..happy growing to all of you.  

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