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Here we are...the beginning of June

Had another good year with girls are so good. Ended up with 4 ram and 4 ewe lambs. Only one set of twins out of the older ewes and then singles for the rest. I leave the rams whole as I have a great pasture to keep them separate and I'm terrible trying to band them. A few years back I banded one ram lamb 5 or 6 times and had to cut the bands off when I found that both testes weren't pulled down. So now I sell them whole. The lambs will be available in another month or so. I'll be keeping two of the ewes but the rest are for sale. The ram lambs will be for sale at $100 and the ewes $150. They will have wonderful fleeces.

The garden is doing well also and it looks like we'll have an abundance of peas. I will have to replant the parsnips though as they didn't come up well.

The spring started off very warm and dry but we've now run into quite a bit of rainy cool weather. I'm hoping the blight keeps away and we dry up soon.



1st lamb of the season...

My first ewe to be marked by the ram, Louise, lambed yesterday afternoon. I had finally decided last week that she must have missed the first cycle (she's getting up there in years) as she wasn't that big and hadn't started bagging up until last week. Then walking in to feed the girls last night I found this beautiful little ewe lamb standing there all dried off next to her mom.

I also was pleased to see my garden coming along. I planted carrots yesterday and also noticed my peas are coming up...I'll be planting my spinach and onions later this week.

My hens are laying well and are now out roaming about...I just wish I could keep them out of the barn...we have a hole cut in the door for the cats to go in and out and the chickens use that if we keep the doors shut! We got rid of the rooster and the girls seem much happier as he was quite abusive with them...all of them have bare backs and a couple of them were even ripped a bit.

I have another ewe due to lamb the end of the week and will post more then.


Spring is here...

We just loaded Tony and he's now heading to his new farm "Round the Bend Farm" in South Dartmouth Mass. I hope he'll do well for them there...such nice folks! We've got another couple of weeks before my two older ewes lamb...then a couple of weeks after that we've got 4 of the youngest ewes due...and a week or so later the last older ewe...hopefully the young ewes don't have any problems as they're coming in about the same time.....our shearer was here last week and we've got some really nice fleeces for sale. Of course it was just a couple of days later we got a spell of windy cold weather and they were not impressed...everyone huddled together inside the barn to wait it out...but it looks like the end of the week holds some really nice they'll be thankful they're sheared!

We also got the new raised bed vegetable garden installed and filled with soil so it's ready to go when it's a little warmer.

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