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Goat Plans-Barn

 Today after church my daughter and I were able to get back to a whole list of things we need to do.

 We started watering a cover crop we had spread a couple weeks ago. Last week God gave it 3" of rain.

 Then we laid out out where we want to build a barn for goats we want this spring.It is a hill side are we can not use for veggies right now and it is covered in small trees and brush.A great place for the goats to start working on.

 After laying out the area we used a level and some boards to level the area.Now we have got to get it dug and leveled out.The area picked has a pretty clear area and not too sloppy.Also I have a sand point well already there..

 I made my wife mad,by letting my daughter drive on the farm to the water,so we could move it from time to time.She got scared a few times and hit the gas instead of the break!But she is trying and it was a great reward for all the digging she did today.I was right there with a foot to put on the pedal.

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