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 I wanted moisture and I got it 14" of it and snow drifts 3-4 feet deep.We will not be doing anything to the farm as I had wanted to. But I have to remember it is Feb.1,st and that is still winter.

 I have always wanted a hoop house,but today I'm wondering how one might hold up under all this snow and the 35-40 mile an hour wind gust.

 I did get to build a tube bender.I drew the shape on a 4x8 plywood and put 26 3/8 bolts in it,with a block at the starting end and it worked! I bent 60 1/2" EMT pipe into hoops. A $1.78 a 10' pipe is cheaper than a 9 gauge wire hoop and I believe will last me most of my life.I hope to use them to get an early start on some veggies.I'm seeing May tomatoes in my head.

 I guess tomorrow I will finish digging out my truck and car. I can not even see the front of the car fron the back half of the doors forward.The drifts are terrible, the worst I've ever seen.It is the roof of the house I worry about most.


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