Tulsa City Farm

  (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Getting started

Well, I have never planted or grown broocoli.After having a few of our friends ask us to try,we orded some seed.And to day I started some.

 There is no gauratee about a new crop,that you have no experince in growing.But I am going to try a few.One other than broocoli,is cabbage and lettuce.On a small scale they are not profitable.But as one of my friends said it would be freasher and she said healthier if I grew it because she knows what I do to my soil and mine would have all the nutrients  it should have. I'm not going into all the science of different soils, organic vres cont. styles of farming or how it stats losing nutrient value as produce ages or the fossil foot print of shipping.

 Also I'm going to try growing some leeks for a friend who caters events.I have a teacher who asked me about pumkins for her school kids.That sound like fun.

 This hobby has gone wild.I told my daughter this was her fault.She wanted to sell veggies!

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