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Salad season

 Just delivered fresh spring salad mix, mustard & turnip greens, turnips, and spinach, to the “Blue Jackalope Grocery Store” at Phoenix   and Charles Page Blvd.. This might be the last week coming up, with the warm weather.

  Soon the summer crops will be coming in.The squash plants already have blooms. Okra will be late ,after replanting it, after it flooded away ,as are the cantaloupes .

 Today I finally got to spay neem oil (organic),now that it dried up. Sand fleas are loving my beans!


Looking Up

  Things are looking up. I lost all my cantaloupes and had to replant. Half of my cucumbers have to be replanted. Also all my okra washed away.  But everything else is looking good. I have found lettuce growing 250 feet from where it was planted. Glad the rain this week not too bad.


 Have 10 guinea birds starting to fly a little. I hope the birds of prey don’t get them.  I want them for eating bugs. I also added 4 pygmy goats for weed patrol.


 I cut, washed, packed, leaf lettuce salad mix and delivered it to the Blue Jackalope store today.


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