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Early end for us.

 It is hard to believe that summer break is almost over for my little girl.I do not know about her,but it has been one of the hardest;longest day,but greatest summers of my life.

 I have watched my little girl learn so much, about the cycle of life in the garden. Also, a whole lot about people from the customers.She has learned about business as well.

 Her banker came by this week. Yes, her banker. The bank manager and a teller came by to see her operation.That made an eight year olds day!A woman who works at RSU collage told her she was going to tell the people who put on a garden show on their T.V. station about her. That gave her the big head. I hope that does not happen, she will think she is a T.V. star!

 We made good picks for our tomatoes, because here at 100 degree days we still have plenty of tomatoes.  

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