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First open season lessons

 This first season open, we have learned a lot about people! There is nothing more to say.And it has been hard to listen to tall tells of old men who think it is a hang out not a business.Though if you listen you find a little truth is some of these tales.

 We had a lot of people with home gardens early in  the season, who wanted to see if we really grew our produce,because theirs was not in or blooming yet.And as theirs came in they would buy less saying my squash is in now so I do not need that.I now have tomatoes etc.They wanted to know where we got certain seed and my secrets for first of June ripe Tomatoes.

 One mistake was trying to help the low income. It hurt us.You see there is another farmer down the road who everyone knows and my customers go there too! They pay more there than they do at my place.So next year we will not sell yellow squash and zucchini for .70 cents a pound,$1.50 lbs for okra,$1.50 for cantaloupes, .90 cents lbs. for tomatoes.Not trying to be bitter,just learned it did not give us an edge on local loyalty.

 The best thing I bought ,but late; was a drive way alarm this week.I now can go inside when it is slow and"HOT"!

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