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Prepare for next year.

 My little girl asked is a farm ever really closed? I asked her what she meant by really closed.

 She said I thought when we closed we were done till next year.I said you have to get ready. So we continued doing as we were pulling up plants and filling the compost piles with them.We pulled stakes and rolled up irrigation hoses up.

 I showed her how to take a soil sample and how we needed to get ones from different areas of the garden and why so.Then I let her mix them all up and we poured out a sample that we took to the local extension office to be sent a way for testing.

 When it gets back I told her we will know what we need to add to the soil. We are doing three different ones this year on different beds. We have started each bed at a different time in our growth.This sample is on an area we just had plowed up and it is the worst section as soil condition goes.Its all most all sand.

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