Tulsa City Farm

  (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
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Still Learning

 We are still learning what our customers want. Also what sells and does not. How much of each item we need.

 It is a lot different selling from the farm. People stay longer and build a small relationship with you. They like going and seeing how their food is grown. Also we have a lot of retired people  who just want some one to talk to. This has both pro and cons , I will say nothing more.

 We had a few people who want to know why we are so cheap! I think we have a fair price for our neighborhood. We are in an older side of town and most of our neighbors are all on fixed incomes.I think we are a help and that makes me happy. We have had a few things left over and we take that to a local shelter. I want my daughter to learn charity and not to waste good food,but share the blessing.We pick fresh every morning.

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