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Wet Week

  Lillian and I did not get a whole lot done this week.But God did answer our prayer and give us rain.This made it too wet to really do anything and when it was dry I had to work,though evenings.Plus we had Lillian's Birthday this week and that was top on her list!

 We did dig out an old tree stump that had finally rotted out enough for us to pry out and smash with a sledge hammer.But this became an educational event.

  We found all kinds of Gods creatures living in the rotten wood and so really weired color and sizes of different type grubs, I have never seen before. So after the birthday wheres off,we are going to try  and identify each creature and what they do in Gods big plan.Good thing all these creatures do not try and evolve, as evolutionist say,or the balance of nature would be screwed! The more I teach my daughter about the micro organisms evolved in just getting nutrients to plants and how other creatures break down organic material, so they can do their job, my daughter has decided Evolution does not make sense and each of God's creature has a purpose. And if one decided to move on from the purpose they were created for and evolved, the whole circle of live would be messed up.

 So, I guess it was not a total waste of a week! Science has proofed to us Gods creation,not evolution.But let us know if you can find any of those missing links they keep looking far! Yes, sorry if this turns anyone off,but we do believe in God here.

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