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What Dad Thinks is fun

  This week was busy with day to day functions of every family and work.My daughter is learning, sometimes life is hard work.She had, home work, to do every day, to do and then go to work with me, after dinner.Working until dusk each night. She asked dad do you ever have fun?

 I said I have had fun all week long. She said when. I replied every afternoon that I have shared what little knowledge I have with you. And every question you asked. I told her when she stopped and said "Dad I heard your favorite bird , a hawk squelching " and we stopped and together we searched the sky.When we took a break at dusk the other evening and we listened to crickets before picking up our tools.And after a bath we both wore out from the day sit in front of the TV after you do your nightly reading, and you fall asleep in my arms. What more could a father want?

 This week my daughter planted, Dill;Parsley;cilantro;swiss chard;beets; and carrots.


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