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Teaching My Daughter

 Today, my daughter worked very hard for a 7 year old and longer than I thought she would without a break.It was so nice to have her in the garden asking questions as why we do different things to get the ground ready to plant. And to see her really wanting to help in the physical labor involved.

 I explained why you can not plant right after you turn a cover crop in,because of the gas the plants first put off as the decomposing first puts off. And how it keeps the seeds from germinating at this point.How we wanted to help provide a weed free environment for the new seedlings and why.We talked about why organic material was so important in soil building.And this started more questions into soil organisms and so on.She then kind threw me when she said oh!, kind composting in the soil. I never thought that she had listened much about my ramblings about composting.

 It was one of what I hope to be many days of sharing with her and I will do in the garden. Gardening with flowers was always a love of mine and then I decided to move into vegetable farming.I never had a parent or grandparent interested in veggie gardening to teach me.I'm kinda new at it.I hope my daughter will stay interested in it and we can learn togather.



It was 70 degrees yesterday! It is 31 now here in Tulsa, with snow about 4". I was upset that I was behind in the veggie garden.I had so many things to get done this weekend.

 I did get my garden tilled partly. This year I'm doing something different,using a clover green manure between the rows.Using more space between rows for mowing, which will produce organic material for the worms.It means less production this year. I'll be clearing another area for future growth next year.

 I'm also going to try no-till in an area I want to plant melons this year.

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