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We are getting close to completion on our High tunnel. In the Greenhouse I am busy bumping up plants to go into the high tunnel and the gardens also plants for sale at the Farmer Market and the Oklahoma Food Co-op. for march and April sales.




I have been stuck inside since Tuesday eveining and hope to get out today to get to the Farm.

My son went out yesterday to water the Greenhouse for me to save the baby plants. I will try to make it out today and start more seeds to put under the lights.

I am alsongoing to start some sprouts,wheatgrass, broccoli sprouts and radish sprouts.

We have sold out of most of all the vegetables that we grew this year with the exception of what is in the hoop houses right now and the Spinach in one of the gardens. Hopfully they will be ready in about 30 to 45 days. We have Fennel, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, radish, and carrots.

The CSA will start in April, depending on the weather. It should start to settle down by then.

We will have the 4th annual Herb fest on May 15th, that is a Sunday.

I think we will have more Vendors this year because it is the week after Mothers Day. If any one is interested contact Susan Graff Crestview Farms

That is all for now.




We are hard at work for our CSA members and the Markets.

Wow! This time of year is surely busy. Planting, bumping up, planting some more, Harvesting and to throw in a Graduation form High School. Then the herb Fest to top it off.

No time for anything else.

We have had lots of rain this year so far and the fruit trees look magnificent.

Hope they keep looking that way.

Still getting tomato plants in and basil for that summer pesto.

The mid week Market opened up yesterday and so we are on our way to Summer.

Stay tuned for aroun the garaden.


More veggie tales

This last month we have been bumping up plants to sell at Market and here at the farm,

We have been signing up people for the CSA and planting in the gardens as well as planning the Annual Herb fest in May. Look for the date in the Event calendar.

It is a beautiful day here some of the fruit trees are still in bloom as well as the redbud. Such a lovely time here in Oklahoma.

We just hop that we do not get a heavy frost tonight or tomarrow to spoil things.

Well It's back to work on the plants in the greenhouse to wet to work in the gardens as we got 3/4 inch of rain last night.

Until next time.....


veggie tales

I have been starting seeds and bumping up cole crops for resale and planting in the gardens (if it ever gets dry enough to get in the gardens).

Also just starting to put tomato seeds under lights toget ready for spring sales. Lots of hierloom varieties. The flavor of these beauties is magnificent.

Really tired of all the cloudy, cold and wet weather we have been having. So far we have had 19 inches of snow here in oklahoma and going for a record. We are not used to it.




This is my first Blog. I really do not know how this is going to look.

Been starting seed in the greehouse and taking cuttings, cant wait to get out in the soil. Also I have been planting onion plants.

We are working on the new hoop house for extending the season.

I am excited about the growing season and hope for a successful one and good luck to all of you other farmers out there.


Looking forward to Spring. Can't wait to start planting in the gardens.

Have been ordering seeds and plants for the season. Also planning our Annual herb Fest in May as well as the CSA list.

The Farmers Market in the Ciy is doing well for a January, and we enjoy seeing all of the vendors and customers in attendence.

I have been working in the greenhouse starting seeds under lights to bump up soon.More to come.   

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