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Halloween is upon us! Thanksgiving isn't too far away!

Hello again,

Have you ever seen a turkey's beard? You probably know that they have waddles, snoods, caruncles - but beards?

A turkey beard is a clump of feathers that appears on the breast of a mature turkey. It's indication means the bird has matured to a full size and is ready for processing. Under that beard is a nice healthy layer of fat as the final growth development.

Voila! You have a natural self-basting turkey.

The key is raising them till maturity which is generally 24-28 weeks.

Wondering what a waddle is? Or it's purpose?  Check in next week and I'll explain the waddle and the snood.

Ain't life great! 


Thanksgiving Holidays are very near!

Halloween is upon us! 

Spooky creatures are appearing on the farm!

A witch almost made it to the house, but crashed into a tree. There's pumpkins in the yard, cornstalks leaning on the buildings and a lot of ravens circling above.  The trees are turning gold and leaves are starting to fall. We're picking them up and layering the gardens for a winter blanket.  I love this time of year!

And the turkeys are fatter and healthier than ever!  We have 5 Hens and 8 Toms left.  I recommend putting your reservation in as soon as possible. November will be a busy month for orders.

We've got the plans for the new turkey runs and are laying out the fence lines and marking off the foundation for the large coop. We will have this completed by next year - ready for the new poults!

Scappoose Farms is a great family farm! It changes every month with new enlarged gardens and more turkeys. Soon we'll feature holiday gifts and events for the holidays! LIfe is good.  

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