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Long anticipated Litter of Piglets FINALLY arrive!

Our final litter of piglets for the season finally arrived last night.  Congratulations to Junebug, our 18 month old registered Tamworth sow!  11 vigorous cross-bred youngsters were born in less than an hour and a half.  She is an expert farrower if I have ever seen one.  Two of the babies shot out so fast they hit the wall behind their mother with a thud...thankfully noone was hurt, and the wall did withstand the blast :)  We sat and petted Juno in her farrowing stall until the last piglet was born and the placenta had passed, and to our joy all 11 youngsters were still healthy and hopping this morning.  This is Juno's second litter.  Her first litter she had 12 and raised 10.  This time Juno was bred to our Large Black boar Obisdian (OB for short).  What a gorgeous group of wigglers!!  A nice way to end the farrowing season until we begin again in January.  We are expecting 13 litters of purebred registered Large Black Hogs between January and May of 2010...and we will also be expecting 3 purebred Tamworth litters in the spring in addition to several litters of tamworth/large black and tamworth/old spot crosses. 
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