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12 Months of CSA - Revised

I read and re-read it and they rhythm just wasn't right the way it was before. So, I had to do some tweeking. I think this is much better, but I'll have to let is sit a day or two before I am sure if I like it or not. 

In December, around the birth of our Lord, the seedbooks arrive stacked high by the door.
In January, snow continues to build, and we are making plans for the orders we'll fill.

We start to map the garden and we choose carefully our seeds, so that when the days are longer we address each and every need.

We aim for baskets overflowing with color, and flavors amplified.

So that when they come to get them we can hand them off with pride.
Then believe it or not, the planting has begun, although February in Michigan we are scarcely seeing the sun.
By March, flats and plug trays are abounding galore; they fill every greenhouse, windowsill and more.
April showers mean transplanting and rearranging to make room.
In May, the ground is breaking and tractors start to till.

Contracts are are returning and our lists have reached their fill.
By June, once scrawny seedlings have turned to sturdy plants.

Blossoms are eloping with bees at every glance.
July means harvesting and deliveries have begun.

Hours in mid-summer months extend beyond the sun.
In August, the garden is producing at full force. We struggle to keep up and to maintain our steady course.
In September, temperatures begin to ease and apples overfill the trees.
October brings us all together with drying leaves and perfect weather. 

The pumpkin patch fills up with laughter as the children come to choose their lantern.
In November old Jack Frost arrives and brings his chilling touch. Its a hard time for those of us who love the garden ever so much.

We struggle as our season draws firmly to a close. 

It seems to sneak upon us like the passing of a rose.

Finally, Thanksgiving comes and family stops to reflect our crop: the vegetables we're grateful for, but on our farm there's so much more. 

We work so hard our love shows through in every blessed thing we do.  We grow together in a way that other families miss today. 

Like cucumbers up a trellis climb, we twist and turn and reach so high.  .  Together we make a solid wall, intertwining and meshing to conquer it all. 

I thank God for this opportunity to share with my family a unified dream.  I hope as they age and their own families grow, that they remember these times and the bounty which flowed.

Stephanie Antaya

Antaya Acres Heritage Farm

Silverwood, MI


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