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Spring Fever

Ten inches of snow 3 days ago, and here I sit filling in my seed order.  I am so ready for garden Its infecting my dreams.  Last night was the piglets raiding the pumpkin patch dream, and I don't even have the pigs and the garden on the same property.  After a bitter cold, but not too snowy Michigan winter (the ten inches the other day was one of only 2 really signifigant snows all season), I'm ready for planting trays, fresh garden fare, sun tea, and sweat.  Our four kids are just bursting with anticipation.  They were piled up on me looking through that seed book this morning like we were breaking dirt tomorrow.  Cassie wants strawberries.  Lucas has never met a tomato he didn't like, and the 15 varieties I actually did order were no where near sufficient to cover his appetite for the garden favorite.  Alex is 14, as of this Saturday, and she just wants to grow everything big - Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkins, Kolb's Gem watermelons, Honey Rock cantaloupe.  If I grew like Alex wants me to, I could barely fit one CSA share in the back of the flat bed - which I am sure the customers would see the value in, as they pondered what to do with their 900lb. pumpkin.  And that still leaves Olivia, she will be 1 on St. Patrick's Day - she just likes to crinkle the pages for now (usually in that precise moment I am trying to copy the item number onto the order form), but by mid-summer she will be tumbling through the garden, stuffing her cheeks full of cherry tomatoes right next to Lucas. 

I think the influx of babies on the farm adds to spring fever.  We had 7 litters of piglets in 10 days.  Makes for a tired household, let me tell you.  For those of you who don't know, almost all piglets are born at night, so an anticipated litter means bi-hourly barn checks and once they do arrive..what a joy they bring.  I've raised dogs for years, but there is nothing cuter than a baby Large Black Hog.  Except of course, one's own children - but its still close.  Well it appears God heard my prayer this morning, and the sun is coming out to greet me.  I better not waste such a blessing.  Happy Spring and May God bless you with answered prayers this morning too!



Long anticipated Litter of Piglets FINALLY arrive!

Our final litter of piglets for the season finally arrived last night.  Congratulations to Junebug, our 18 month old registered Tamworth sow!  11 vigorous cross-bred youngsters were born in less than an hour and a half.  She is an expert farrower if I have ever seen one.  Two of the babies shot out so fast they hit the wall behind their mother with a thud...thankfully noone was hurt, and the wall did withstand the blast :)  We sat and petted Juno in her farrowing stall until the last piglet was born and the placenta had passed, and to our joy all 11 youngsters were still healthy and hopping this morning.  This is Juno's second litter.  Her first litter she had 12 and raised 10.  This time Juno was bred to our Large Black boar Obisdian (OB for short).  What a gorgeous group of wigglers!!  A nice way to end the farrowing season until we begin again in January.  We are expecting 13 litters of purebred registered Large Black Hogs between January and May of 2010...and we will also be expecting 3 purebred Tamworth litters in the spring in addition to several litters of tamworth/large black and tamworth/old spot crosses. 
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