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  (Barbourville, Kentucky)
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Caters Place Farm

We purchased our farm 2 yrs ago, we are getting started on a large scale what we have done our for ourselves. Grow natural produce and live stock. Starting from an abandoned farm, overgrown and run down has been rewarding and scary. Scaping what I was sure was lead based paint off a ceiling at 2 am really makes you wonder about your decisions! The guy down the street frowns and says " Why don't you tear this down, sell the chestnut wood and build something nice?"  But when I was sitting in my finally completed living room wondering how the 2 other farm wifes before me felt when they sat here over the Christmas's and Easter's passed I was glad we didn't tear it down. And knowing the wood trim was placed by Dorthea Miller's father in the late 1800's gives me a great sense of belonging I don't think most people ever know. Where do you live?
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